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28 lessons = 21 hours per week

Lessons per Week

Lesson Duration

45 minutes

Course Duration

1 - 8 weeks


Minimum Age

Maximum Class Size

4 - 12

Intermediate to Advanced


Any Monday (if not a public holiday)

Starting Dates

Who is it meant for?

It is aimed at teachers who are non-native speakers of English who...

  • teach English for business/professional purposes.

  • teach or will teach business related subjects through CLIL.

  • want to improve their workplace communication skills in order to work within international projects.

What will you study?

You will study;


  • English with people of other nationalities who may or may not be teachers.

  • a problem-solving approach to business situations through case studies and role-play.

  • English for communication and socialising in the afternoon classes.


Your teacher will;


  • be responsible for your progress and academic welfare.

  • set homework 

  • update you on your progress during the course and help you to maximise your learning.

What will my day and timetable look like?


A typical day at the college will look like this from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays, the students do not have lessons 5 & 6




1 & 2

09.15 - 10.45

3 & 4

11.05 - 12.35

Business English

5 & 6

13.30 - 15.00

English for Socialising & Communication in a Business Context

What topics will I cover? (on a two week course)

Telephone Calls & Electronic Communication

Socialising In English

Negotiation Skills

Language of Intentional Trade: Export and Import

Management Procedures

Business Meetings

International Marketing & Finance

Correspondence: Reports & Letters

Describing Trends

Recruitment and Job Applications Business

Practical Writing



Enrolment Fee: £150 (Included in course fee / Non-refundable)

Price per week - Low Season - Tuition Only

1 Week

2 Week



3 Week


Accommodation Fees

Low Season


Homestay Half Board Standard

High Season


Prices and information available on request.

Special Dietary Requirements




Please let us know if you prefer a host family without pets.

Please check the special diet availability before booking.

Airport Transfer Fees

1 Person


Bournemouth to Homestay

Southampton Airport Transfer

Heathrow Airport Transfer

Gatwick/Luton Airport

Central London Transfer

Price per person








Stansted Airport Transfer





2 People







3 People







4 People

Pickup point:  We will tell/email you once you have confirmed the flight details to us
Waiting fee: A waiting fee of £35 per hour will apply if the driver has to wait more than one hour after the plane has landed.

Test yourself and find your current skill level here (Please note these are provisional results only).

Click here for Enrolment Form, Terms & Conditions.

For more information and enquiries, please contact us.

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