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28 lessons = 21 hours/week

Lessons per Week

Lesson Duration

45 minutes

Course Duration

4 - 24 weeks


Minimum Age

Maximum Class Size



Students requiring IELTS band 4 - 5.5 
Students requiring IELTS band 6 - 8   

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Airport Transfer Fees Red.png

Who is it for?


If you want to take the IELTS exam, to meet the requirements for admission to universities in the UK or to apply for jobs within the UK, then this course is for you.

What will you get?


We are so confident in the efficiency of our teaching that we promise that you will succeed in your aim when you agree to a study plan for a minimum of 8 weeks. If for some reason you do not achieve your target score, then we will give you English Lessons for FREE or until the next available IELTS test date (a maximum of 2 weeks).

How Does it Work?

  • We will send you a needs analysis questionnaire and ask you for a writing sample.

  • We will also ask you to send  proof of your current language level.

  • We will ask you what score you need in IELTS.

  • We will ask you to provide all  the necessary information in order to prepare your course.


  • On the basis of information provided in step 1, we will send you a study plan  and  the number of weeks you need to study to achieve your target score.

  • Once accepted, you will arrive at Richard Language College and start your classes.


  •  After 4 weeks of classes, your study plan will be reassessed. 

  • We will  approve your original study plan



  • A new study plan will be agreed .

  • Our GUARANTEE of free English tuition is promised at this point.


What will I study?

You will focus on :

  • necessary language skills for the exam at your level.  

  • improving your test technique for each part of the IELTS exam. 

  • grammar and vocabulary relevant to the IELTS exam as well as more general language.

Your teacher will:

  • be responsible for your progress and academic welfare.

  • set homework.

  • update you on your progress during the course and help you to maximise your learning.

  • test you regularly to check your progress and to provide exam practice.

What will my day and timetable look like?


A typical day at the college will look like this from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays, the students do not have lessons 5 & 6.




1 & 2

09.15 - 10.45

3 & 4

11.05 - 12.35

English for IELTS

5 & 6

14.00 - 15.30

General English Language Skills


Registration Fee: £150

Fee per Week


21 hours/28 lessons

8 Weeks


Hours/Lessons Per Week

The IELTS exam is to be booked and paid for separately. Application deadlines apply

Accommodation Fees

Low Season


Homestay Half Board Standard

Homestay Half Board Sharing

Homestay Half Board Executive

High Season







Prices and information available on request.

Special Dietary Requirements



Please let us know if you prefer a host family without pets.

Please check the special diet availability before booking.

Airport Transfer Fees

1 Person


Bournemouth to College

Southampton Airport Transfer

Heathrow Airport Transfer

Gatwick/Luton Airport

Central London Transfer

Price per person








Stansted Airport Transfer





2 People







3 People







4 People

Pickup point:  We will tell/email you once you have confirmed the flight details to us
Waiting fee: A waiting fee of £35 per hour will apply if the driver has to wait more than one hour after the plane has landed.

Test yourself and find your current skill level here (Please note these are provisional results only).

Click here for Enrolment Form, Term & Conditions.

For more information and enquiries, please contact us.

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