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Travelling to Richard Language College

Bournemouth is well connected by coach and train to the rest of the UK



Bournemouth is well connected by coach and train to the rest of the UK. Bournemouth is also accessible from several different airports, all within a 2 hour 30 minute journey. The airports most commonly used by our clients who are coming to Bournemouth to study are:


A National Express coach is the cheapest way to get to Bournemouth from Heathrow (around £20 one way). The journey time is from 1 hour 50 minutes to 2 hours 20 minutes depending on which terminal you land at. We can organize a pre-booked taxi for you, the cost is from £150. To get a normal taxi from the airport to Bournemouth the cost is about £200. There is no direct train service between Heathrow and Bournemouth.


National Express coaches cost from £20 to £40 one way to Bournemouth. The journey time is about three and a half hours. Pre-booked taxis are from £160 one way, airport taxis are a lot more. There is no direct train service between Gatwick and Bournemouth. You have to change at least once. The cost is from £25 one way booked in advance, but can rise to £60 one way for a ticket bought on the day of travel. Journey times are from 2 hour 15 minutes.


You can easily get from Southampton airport to Bournemouth by train. The cost is from £7.50 to £13.30 one way if booked in advance, but is more expensive if bought at the time of travel. The quickest journey time is 40 minutes. Pre-booked taxis are from £95.


There is an hourly bus service (bus number 1a) from the airport to the Travel Interchange in Bournemouth. The cost is £5 one way. There is no train service from the airport. Pre-booked taxis are from about £15 depending on the exact destination.


Stansted and Luton

Although flights may be cheaper to Luton and Stansted airports they are much further away from Bournemouth than the other airports above. A pre-booked taxi from Luton will cost about £190 and from Stansted about £200. National Express journeys take from 4 hours from Luton and from 4 hours 20 minutes from Stansted. You normally have to change coaches at Heathrow. Coach fares start from £25 one way booked in advance to £45 one way if bought on the day.

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All times and prices are approximate and subject to change.

Please confirm with us at the time of booking.

TAXI : Airport to Place of Stay in Bournemouth: Book at RLC
Heathrow £140.00*
Gatwick £150.00*
Southampton £100.00*
London City £185.00*
Luton £190.00*
Stansted £200.00*

* Includes parking and 1hr of waiting. Delays beyond are charged at £15.00 per hour plus parking if applicable.


British Council Safety Guides to the UK

  • Creating Confidence – a guide for international students to staying safe in the UK
  • Safety First – a guide for international visitors to staying safe in the UK

Visit this page for the most up-to-date versions:



Conversation Club

On Wednesdays

Richard Language College students can join staff and fellow students for the Conversation Club held on most Wednesdays from 3.30pm to 4.30pm in the cafeteria.  

A great chance to use your English and get to know everyone!



Richard Language College is the IELTS testing centre for Bournemouth. The dates for 2019 are now available online. Further information can be obtained from the IELTS office at RLC which is open Mondays to Thursdays 13.00 to 15.30. Their direct phone number is 01202 203080

For more information see:


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