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Pre Test



Test to be taken without help from people, books or equipment

Section 1

Elvis Presley on January 8th 1935, in Tulepo, Mississippi.
His parents often Elvis to church.
That's where he first learned
feel that these religious songs had a big influence on Elvis'singing style.
Then, when he was a teenager, Elvis live in Memphis, Tennessee.
He went to the local High School where he was average student.
The thing he was really interested in was music.
At the recording studio in Memphis, he two songs for his mother's birthday.
was called "That's all right Mama.
later, Elvis met Colonel Tom Parker, who took over Elvis' career.
Some years later, Elvis Hollywood films like "King Creole
He made films, some people say too many.
Some of them were not good.
Elvis died aged 42. It was a sudden death came as a shock.
Everyone knew Elvis was the king of rock 'n roll, and everyone knows he the king.

Section 2

Smallpox is a very serious disease and no cure for it.
In Asia it killed three out of ten victims.
The smallpox virus from one person to another.
The virus only live in another person.
It cannot survive in , animals or food.
So if one person has smallpox, he or she in contact with another smallpox patient at some time.
If a person comes into contact with a smallpox patient and picks up the virus, he the disease immediately.
Only after fourteen days
The only protection smallpox is vaccination.
The last smallpox patient was reported in Somalia in 1977.

Section 3

In 1954 Lancia a new racing car and asked Ascari for them. Alberto Ascari was famous racing driver. He put the new car through and his advice caused the Italian firm to make all of changes.In 1955 the car was ready for racing. Lancia entered it for the Monaco Grand Prix, with Ascari as their chief driver. rivals included Italian Ferraris and Maseratis, German Mercedes, and the British Vauxhall. Probably cars in the race the Mercedes. Their two leading drivers were the World Champion Juan Fangio and the young Englishman Stirling Moss. In 1954 Mercedes cars for six big races and had won four of them. Fangio and Moss were perhaps in the world. It seemed impossible to beat them. practice at Monaco, Fangio in the first Mercedes car the lap record. Moss was only a little slower. All the Italian cars had Then in his last practice run Ascari drove the Lancia with all for which he was famous. Most Grand Prix circuits specially for racing. In Monaco the circuit runs through the streets. Drivers have to get their cars round sharp comers between buildings, with the crowd very often only a few metres the road. The driver's skill and experience and the cars require very stronq safe braking, the finest road-holding on the corners, and very powerful acceleration. Ascari asked for its best - and got it. The crowd the practice saw he was doing, and their excitement grew. They were surprised and delighted when they heard that he Fangio's new lap record. Now the Lancia team saw that they really had a chance. Perhaps their car was not quite the Mercedes, but with Ascari at the wheel who could say would happen? Fangio and Moss certainly have to drive for the whole of the race.

Section 4

The main reason for the population explosion is not so much a in birth rates as a fall in death rates as a result of improvements in public health services and medical care. Many more babies now infancy, grow up and become parents and many more adults are living into old age populations to at both ends. In Europe and America the death rate began during the Industrial Revolution. In the developing countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America the fall in death rate did not begin much later and the birth rate to fall. This sudden increase in the population of the developing countries has come at a difficult time. their population had not grown so fast they a desperate struggle to bring the standard of living of their people up to the point there was enough food and for to have a reasonable life. The poor countries are having to run in their economic activity in order to stay in the same place, and the gap in wealth rich and poor countries grows every year.

Section 5

When Charles Babbage,a professor of mathematics at Cambridge University, invented the first calculating machine in 1812 he the situation we find ourselves in today. Nearly everything we do in is helped, or even controlled, by computers, the descendants of his simple machine. Computers more and more extensively in the world today, for the simple reason that they are efficient than human beings. They have better memories and can store huge amounts of and they can do calculations in a fraction of the time taken by a human mathematician. No person alive can do 500,000 sums one second, but a computer can. In fact, computers can do many of the things we do, but faster and better. look now at one of the ways computers concern people in their daily lives and

Section 6

Chief Inspector Harston talks about ways in which computers can help the police fight crime. Members of the public often think of detective work as fast and exciting when it is slow and boring. For example, a detective on a stolen car case may have to long lists of information, and in the time it takes him this the thief may well escape. With the new National Police Computer we are now able to find out details of car ownership and driving licences in a fraction of the time it takes traditional methods. We systems of storing fingerprint information in computers and even information about appearance. It's possible to work out codes for visual details and to link a computer with a videotape recorder. Then, instead of books of photographs ask the computer to sort out the right ones, and see photographs of suspects across a VTR screen. In police work speed is often essential, so computers are ideal us catch criminals. The only problem is that we now have a new kind of criminal - the very clever man who knows make huge sums of money by a computer, and he is to catch..

Section 7

Nobody's disagreed with the latest proposals,
I'm next on the list to go out there,
So you think he'll be back before November,
You'd no idea it was going to be as hard as this,
It's been ages since we last saw him,
I don't believe you'd met before that,
He's due to arrive tomorrow,
You met him while you were on holiday,
John's coming to see you,
We'd better not stay up too late tonight,

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