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One to One

Our small class sizes and quality teaching team ensure your success on our courses, accredited by the British Council



The one to one trainee formula means a highly intensive, flexible and well-organised teaching program that wastes no valuable time.

The completion of the Needs Analysis Questionnaire and the Pre-Test allows the precise language aims of each trainee to be identified before the course begins so that an individual programme can be designed to obtain optimum results.

English for Specific Purposes can be offered including

  • Information Technology
  • Journalism
  • Airlines
  • Business Management
  • Banking
  • Hotels and Tourism
  • Administration
  • Law



Minimum age: 18
Maximum class size: 1
Prescore (test yourself now): 20-90


DATES & fees 2019

Any Monday

20 one to one lessons 9.15 – 12.35 Monday to Friday
30 one to one lessons 9.15 – 3.30 Monday to Friday
40 one to one lessons 9.15 – 5.15 Monday to Friday

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One to One Course duration 1-4 weeks
40 lessons (30 hours) £1600 pw
30 lessons (22.5 hours) £1200 pw
20 lessons (15 hours) £800 pw
Academic Material & Services £75
Enrolment Fee (Non-refundable) £75


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